Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts on a quiet media news day:

The Daily Dish - Just what the Toronto Sun needs, more wire copy and Hollywood fluff.

Inside the Sun
- Why doesn't Glenn Garnett provide active links to web sites he mentions in his online blog?

Tuesday's drowning story - The Page 3 story by Ian Robertson says the drowning victim swam from shore "with a boy, a non-swimmer, in his arms" but says nothing more about the boy or what happened to him.

Flashes - Why are stories once given adequate news space in the Sun being thrown away as flashes. Tuesday's "Friendly fire killed Canuk: Report," a three-paragraph flash on Page 20, is a classic example. Globe - Page 1, Star - Page 1. Sunflashes, Canada Sunflashes, World Watch Sunflashes, Quick Money Sunflashes, Sports Sunflashes.

Donato's bird - Why was Andy Donato's bird MIA in the before-and-after cartoon he did of that talentless, ex-con porno flick bimbo last week? P.H. is a bad influence, perhaps?

Highway safety - Could Sun Media publish a small public service ad telling motorists they can report street racers and road jockeys on their cell phones by dialing "OPP (6-7-7)" or 9-1-1?

Media ethics - If a son or daughter of a newspaper executive is written about in length for his or her athletic skills, shouldn't the writer tell readers about the relationship?

Scab recruits? - Why would newsroom employees be asked if they were interested in moving to another province to work as scabs in the event of a newspaper strike?

Crossword Puzzler - Why didn't the editors of Sun Television apologize to Sunday Sun readers for screwing up the previous week's puzzle? Do they care anymore?

TV Extra - Why are all of the daily TV listings in alphabetical order in every grouping except Canadian Broadcast, which has SUNTV 52 at the top? Is it a petty case of "it's ours and we'll flog it as we wish?"

TV Extra - Other than the erratic TV listings, the TV page layout, with the Prime Time Best Bets, Late Night Lineup and The Top 10 List, is one of our Top 10 favourite Sun layouts.

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