Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Re Terri Williams

Back in the day when the Toronto Sun's Money section was more than a single page, part of the financial team was the always effervescent Terri Williams.

Terri called the Sun home for 10 years and has been out of the Sun fold for 10 years.

Well, she's back, as of next Wednesday.

Her "Welcome to Money in Motion" story is in today's Suns.

The Toronto Sun's business coverage desperately needs a boost and from what we remember of the Terri Williams years, she will be a welcomed addition to Linda Leatherdale's team.

Terri, a certified financial planner and director of educational services at DundeeWealth, writes:

"Welcome to Money in Motion. This new Sun Media column is being brought to you by an "old" Sun face.

"Many years ago, I spent over a decade as a business writer and consumer columnist for the Toronto Sun. In fact, I marked my 10th anniversary away from the Sun in March. But, do you know the saying, "what's old is new again?" Well, talk about retro . . . I'm back!

"My previous Moneyline and Consumer Alert columns gave Sun readers "news you can use" by helping to answer people's financial questions and providing warnings and guidance about consumer purchases. With this new column, I hope to again give readers the ammunition to make sound financial decisions.

"What I've learned over the past decade working in the financial services industry is that typically people will not make financial decisions, or seek financial advice, unless something happens to put their money into motion.

"Until a life event happens that changes our money flows, we just carry on with the status quo - probably spending more than we should and saving less than we could - not making the most out of our hard-earned dollars.

"When that windfall unexpectedly arrives, or our employment or family situation changes and we are forced to face financial realities, we don't know where to start.

"This column will help you kick-start the financial decision-making process to help you make sound financial choices when they need to be made.

"Next week, we'll start right at the beginning, literally, at birth. There are many financial decisions to make when you have children.

"Believe me, as a parent of two teenagers I know kids can be expensive. We're getting ready to fork out some big bucks for college or university in the next few years, as are many other baby boomers with teenagers.

"How can you afford to put your kids through school and ensure that they are not starting off their adult lives saddled with horrendous student loans? What's the best way to be prepared?

"Tune in next Wednesday to Money in Motion to find out."

Will do. Welcome back, Terri.

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