Monday, 9 July 2007

Shanoff Shanoffed?

Al Shanoff wore a different cap in the Sunday Sun, writing an op-ed column instead of offering legal advice on Sun content as he had done for 30 years.

So the question is, who will "Shanoff" Shanoff?

Not that the veteran lawyer, who saved Sun newspapers millions over the years, will need Shanoffing. He's probably the safest columnist at Sun Media.

Al's first column was lighter fare, mostly a recap of his reasons for bowing out as legal adviser last week. He also outlined a few of the numerous Sun content cases he handled.

It was a good read and Al appeared to be quite comfortable with the transition. Who knew Al the lawyer had the potential to become an op-ed Sun columnist?

What is his forte as a writer?

We wouldn't mind if he wrote about his more interesting Sun content complaints and libel actions for the next year. Journalists and readers would benefit from his experiences.

But if Al wants to avoid law, his lighter style in Sunday's Sun is promising for readers desperately in need of a break from the steady stream of commentary on politics and world conflicts.

Who knows, Al could become a favourite, depending on the path he takes. The Sun needs light, bright and humourous. Rimmer style, or Joey Slinger style.

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Or not.

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