Monday, 30 July 2007

Ottawa screwup

Ottawa's Sunday Sun readers thought their Sun Television guide looked familiar yesterday.

Yep, the geniuses at the new printing plant in Mirabel inserted week-old TV guides in all of the Sunday papers.

Management quickly apologized for the error on the Ottawa Sun web site Sunday and said the current TV guild would be in today's paper.

Sunday Suns have always been the biggest seller for Sun Media, so thousands of people who buy the Sunday Sun and not the Monday Sun are without a TV guide.

And Sunday Sun readers who do not have computers, or do not surf the Sun web site daily, wouldn't have known the guide would be in Monday's paper.

Sun Media's habit of screwing up on Sunday and making amends on Monday is meaningless to Sunday-only readers.

The Toronto Sun is improving. The third Sun Television screwup in three months - no answers to a crossword puzzle - was corrected by including the answers in the next Sun Television guide.

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