Friday, 21 December 2007

9/11 front revisit

The mind behind the Toronto Sun's popular 9/11 "Bastards" front page makeup was not Les Pyette, so we're still looking for the mystery man to take a bow.

Les, who was CEO in 2001, tells TSF he went to the newsroom on 9/11 to ask what the desk was doing with the front page.

"A big fella on the desk, not Parker or Woody, suggested Bastards . . . actually showed me what he would like to see and I said print it," says Les in correcting the impression it was his work.

"Some of the folks upstairs and around the building tried to talk me out of it, but I believed it was the right choice. Dirty Bastards would have been better, but it wouldn't fit."

The front page, with a wrap-around 9/11 back page, topped TSF's recent fave Toronto Sun front page poll with 50% of the votes.

Les doesn't remember the name of the 9/11 desker, but agrees he should be recognized for the memorable Sun front page.

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