Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas memories

A few cherished Christmas memories

Bob MacDonald's annual Christmas Day dinners with the down and out at the Regent Park Christmas Party. Bob's volunteer work on Christmas Day year after year spoke volumes for the man he was and reflected the heart of Sun Family members. Bob's shoes are hard to fill.

Standing in line in a festive 6th floor Sun reception area waiting to shake the hands of Doug Creighton and Peter Worthington. The two Santas brought envelopes full of cash (a week's pay), armed guards, cookies, refreshments and effervescent SUNshine Girls.

The generosity of Sun readers everywhere, taking up challenges to raise money for Christmas events. The Calgary Sun, for example, has topped $100,000 in this year's SUNshine Fund, with every penny going to the Salvation Army for Christmas goodies for the needy. Well done.

The Toronto Sun's Annual Variety Village Christmas Fund, inspired by the late Doug Creighton and a fundraising project for tireless George Gross for 24 years. More than $1.1 million has been raised since 1983. The most recent total we saw for 2007 was $25,000 and counting.

Readers taking time out from their hectic Christmas schedules to call or send Christmas cards with thanks for columns written. A couple of cards included cash, taking us back to the Toronto Star delivery days in the 1950s when collecting Christmas Eve meant maximum tips.

The feel good stories. You can always count on bad deeds by the minority becoming a showcase for the good deeds of the majority. The Whitby bar theft, where $7,000 in donations for needy kids at Christmas was stolen, was a classic example of the good media can do for communities.

"Good health" topped TSF's most recent Christmas wish poll, so good health to all Toronto Sun Family members as we celebrate another Christmas.

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