Saturday, 15 December 2007

Re Pete Fisher

Kudos to Joe Warmington for profiling Pete Fisher in his Scrawler column today.

A few years ago, after moving to the Port Hope/Cobourg area, photos and stories by Pete Fisher in the local papers caught our eye.

"Who is this Pete Fisher?" we asked. "The guy is everywhere, day and night, snapping fires and accidents into the wee hours."

A tireless go-getter. A Toronto Sun kinda guy.

Must be single to be chasing ambulances and fire trucks all night long.

Nope. Married with an infant daughter.

The Toronto Sun picked up on the Cobourg lensman's talents and began publishing his freelance photos and stories.

Future full time Sun Media staffer, for sure.

The takeover of the Osprey papers where Pete calls home - the Cobourg Star and Port Hope Evening Guide - did just that in August.

One of Pete's more emotional assignments came on May 15, 2004, when veteran Cobourg Const. Chris Garrett was stabbed to death by a local teen bent on mass murder.

The dying 18-year police vet shot and wounded the fleeing teen, saving lives and enabling an arrest and conviction.

When Pete recently heard through the local grapevine that a Cross of Valour for Garrett's heroics was being denied, he broke the story.

Thanks to Pete, pictured in Joe's column today with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the battle for a medal for Garrett is now a national story.

Capping a very productive year for Pete Fisher - the birth of a second daughter on Wednesday.

The Toronto Sun grew rapidly in the 1970s and '80s thanks to go-getters like Pete. He is a welcomed addition to the Sun Family.

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  1. AHH Pete Fisher who wrote the column about the Highway of Heroes.I wish I had an email addy for him so I could send him the following or maybe you could forward it to him.

    Friday, September 07, 2007 marked the day that a section of Highway 401 was dedicated to our fallen soldiers. Many young Canadian soldiers who have given their lives in the war in Afghanistan have traveled this road. Like most of you, I support our troops and this show titled Highway of Heroes is dedicated to them.