Monday, 24 December 2007

Artuso makes 3

Add Washington-based Sun Media op-ed correspondent Donna Marie Artuso to the list of columnists no longer with the chain as 2007 winds down.

The former Edmonton Sun staffer, who moved to Washington, D.C., about a decade ago, quietly made her exit from Sun Media's op-ed pages recently.

So that's Rachel Marsden, Sheila Copps, Licia Corbella and Donna Marie Artuso out the door, making an anonymous TSF tipster sound like a crystal ball reader.

The tipster said after Marsden's abrupt departure three more Sun columnists would be gone by January.

But a Toronto Sun source says the tipster's call for three departures, other than Marsden, was a lucky call because the exits were not planned.

"There was no plan at any point to lose three columnists by January," the source told TSF. "It just happened that way."

So a new year will bring new op-ed faces, with new views and ideas, and most times, that is a good thing for readers looking for diversity in their newspaper.

There is still a solid mix, with four fewer columnists.

Alan Shanoff is a newcomer who has become one of our op-ed favourites. Who knew the former Sun lawyer would click as a columnist?

Connie Woodcock is always a good read, especially for readers living in the boondocks.

And we can never get enough of Andy Donato's editorial cartoons and the world views of Eric Margolis, sans the George W. propaganda spin.

Shanoff, Donato, Margolis, Woodcock et al and the return of unsigned editorials - all big pluses for the tabloid's editorial pages.

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  1. Eric Margolis has been one of my favourite columnists for years. So much so, that I practically never make up my mind until I read what HE has to say about a certain event
    or politician. He is more than candid which is refreshing, and seems to have a wide enough perspective and interest to think about the whole wide world and not only North America. Nice. Happy New Year and best of health and happiness to Margolis. Marika Finta, Toronto