Monday, 3 December 2007

Bye bye Licia

Licia Corbella is outta here.

The longtime Toronto and Calgary Suns staffer has been appointed head of the Calgary Herald's opinion and commentary pages - effective today.

Her Sun exposure in the past few weeks didn't indicate Licia was at all discontent with Sun Media, so her jumping ship is surprising.

Licia, 44, was a Toronto Sun reporter a decade ago when she headed west to Calgary, where she gained an op-ed column. Prior to her Sun years, she worked at the Toronto Star and Vancouver Province.

“We are pleased to have someone of Licia’s calibre join our organization,” says Lorne Motley, Herald editor-in-chief. "She is well known to many Calgarians, and we are looking forward to her move to Calgary's largest media organization.

We might have missed it, but Licia didn't have any farewell comments for her Sun readers.

She does have this to say in today's Calgary Herald story announcing her appointment:

"I'm very excited to be joining the Calgary Herald. I am looking forward to making the already thought-provoking editorial pages even more compelling for our paper and online readers."

Her departure makes room for a new, Calgary-based Sun Media voice.


  1. Everyone is disconted at Sun Media, so no one's departure should be surprising.

    PKP's rampant mismanagement of Sun Media has pushed out yet another great columnist and editor into the arms of the competition. Well done, PKP! Well done!

  2. Licia a great columnist?! Were we reading the same material?

  3. Yeah, it's amazing how easily the word 'great' is used. Good. Sure. Competent. Of course. But great?

  4. Well, I'm sure going to miss her! (I may even read the Herald once in a while)

  5. Yeah, I'm going to miss her stuff too. She's hardly written at all since she started at the Herald and I think that's a loss for common sense in this country.