Friday, 7 December 2007

Sun pays blogger

Forever and a day, we thought the Toronto Sun was getting a free ride in using blog copy and photos for its Best of the Blogs blurbs.


Well, at least until they used a photo and an article from the Spacing magazine blog, written by Sean Marshall

A Canadian Magazines blog posting today says when Sean decided to bill the Sun for use of his words and photo, the Sun said OK.

"Marshall wrote, saying he would invoice them but needed to know what their standard freelance fee was," says Canadian Magazines. "Rob Granatstein, the editorial page editor of the Sun, wrote back and told Marshall to bill him $75 for the article and $25 for the pic."

Most bloggers would be content with seeing their words published in a major daily newspaper, including a throw to their web site.

Sean Marshall, says Canadian Magazines, is a blogger standing up for his rights.

TSF says kudos to Rob Granatstein for his ethical treatment of bloggers on behalf of the Sun.

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