Tuesday, 4 December 2007

More Osprey cuts

Word from Haliburton County is the 123-year-old Echo, one of Quebecor's recently acquired Osprey newspapers, felt the axe last week, losing a third of its staff.

"The bleeding begins," says a TSF tipster. "Four people in the production department (two of them with about 20 years service) were let go, as was the sales manager.

"Word to the wise: if someone in management asks you your start date and it was more than a decade ago, you might want to start looking for work with another company," said the tipster.

The Haliburton County Echo certainly has history. The weekly newspaper has been published since 1884, a great-great granddaddy compared to the young Sun pups.

It is the second Sun Media/Osprey round of cuts TSF has heard about since October, when the Wallaceburg News was shut down completely.

Quebecor and Sun media have been rather quiet about the future of Osprey's 20 dailies and 33 non-dailies since the $414 million takeover in August.

Little has been said since August about how the merging of Osprey and Sun Media will unfold.

Will all evidence of the Osprey trademark name be eliminated, with Osprey newspapers and web sites being branded Sun Media?

Word is the Osprey/Sun Media plan will become more visible in early 2008

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