Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Licia's exit 2

Veteran Sun Media columnist Licia Corbella began looking elsewhere in Calgary earlier this year because of years of Quebecor cutbacks, sources say.

The layoffs, firings, buyouts and resignations throughout the Sun newspaper chain.

Colleagues say while there has been a turnaround in morale since Osprey's Michael Sifton was appointed chief of Sun Media a few months ago, Licia's job hunting momentum remained in full gear.

Licia, a Calgary Sun columnist for 10 years, was appointed head of the Calgary Herald's opinion and commentary pages, effective Monday.

One Sun source in Toronto said Licia and her national columns will be missed.

No word yet on a replacement.

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  1. Licia will definitely be missed, but her departure is not surprising, as it fits with the pattern of departures of all the other people who did the same job. In just over a year (starting with the cuts that began last fall and the system of "centres of excellence" that was then imposed), all six Comment editors from the Sun dailies have left, some via buyouts and some less voluntarily: Licia (Calgary), Larry Cornies (London), Mike Jenkinson (Edmonton), Linda Williamson (Toronto), Geoff Matthews (Ottawa) and John Gleeson (Winnipeg). Aside from Rob Grantstein in Toronto, who has taken over the job brilliantly, Quebecor doesn't seem to have done much to replace the rest, preferring to centralize operations under Paul Berton in London. Editorials have returned on a regular basis in Toronto, but for the other Suns, a strong opinion section no longer seems to be a priority.