Thursday, 6 December 2007

Sun, Star, Bawden

We are beginning to grasp the Sun/Star/Bawden plot . . .

April 25, 1976: Theresa McConnell writes a Toronto Sun story about Bobby Ash of CFTO's Uncle Bobby show.

Theresa and Kathy English, who would also work for the Toronto Sun, know each other.

May 24, 2007: Jim Bawden, veteran Toronto Star television columnist, writes an obit for Bobby Ash, using content from McConnell's 1976 Sun story. Sources say Bawden attributed the Sun content, but it was deleted by an editor who said naming the Sun was not "Star style."

Also in May, Kathy English is appointed the Star's Public Editor, an ombudsman position requiring her to write about fairness and accuracy in the Star.

Sources say sometime between May and this month, McConnell tells Kathy English about the lack of Sun attribution in Bawden's May 24 story.

Meanwhile, the Star begins looking for senior staffers to take buyouts.

Last Saturday, the Star publishes a correction saying the Bobby Ash obit - published six months earlier - included "improperly attributed content" and the newspaper regrets the error.

Sources tell TSF Bawden, a respected television columnist and dedicated Star staffer, has decided to take a buyout.

Office politics, scapegoat, foul play, squeeze play, take your pick.

If an editor deleted Sun attribution in Bawden's story, which is more likely based on his newspaper experience, we agree with his colleagues who say Jim was "screwed."

Jim Bawden, meet Bill Brioux.

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