Friday, 25 April 2008

Sun to Post

Updated 04/27/08
Calgary Sun photographer Brett Gundlock won a couple of Dunlop Awards this week, but he won't be a Sun Media staffer when the awards are presented June 26.

The National Post has snatched Brett away from the Calgary Sun and he'll be shooting for the Toronto-based daily beginning May 7.

No more SUNshine Girls for Brett.

Another loss of promising young talent for Sun Media.

The multimedia whiz kid, who started at the Edmonton Sun as an intern a couple of years ago, has been a motivated doer.

He won a 2007 Dunlop in the multimedia feature category for his acclaimed 18-month Josh: At Home on the Streets project that documented the life of a drug-addicted homeless man.

(The same project also earned Brett third prize in the Multimedia category in the 2007 National Photographers Association of Canada competition.)

Brett also shared an honourable Dunlop mention in the same category for a team effort audio slideshow, Remembering a Hero, a tribute to Calgary's Cpl. Nathan Hornburg, killed in Afghanistan.

Phil Snel, deputy photo editor at the Post, announced Brett's hiring on the NPAC forum yesterday

"We're pleased to announce that the newest addition to the National Post photo department is Brett Gundlock. Brett, who hails from Alberta, will begin his position as staff photojournalist in Toronto on May 7, 2008."

"Sad to see Brett leave Alberta," Tom Braid, the Edmonton Sun's photo editor, told the forum. "Would have rather seen him head north 300 kms to our department than heading more than 3,000 kms east.

"Hard to believe that it has already been just over two years since Brett walked through the door as a student on placement," says Braid. (See Braid's posted comment re Brett's job spree.)

"Brett has been a tireless worker, a very good team player and one who has not let anything or anybody hold him back from breaking into this business."

Brett has received numerous other congrats on the forum, where he says he is "very excited" about the move."

He's also looking for accommodations in T.O.

"If anyone is looking for a roommate, let me know," says Brett.


  1. "The multimedia whiz kid, who started at the Calgary Sun as an intern a couple of years ago, has been a motivated doer."

    Just to clarify and add to the above. Brett Started as a 2nd year SAIT student on Edmonton Sun student placement in Feb 2006. Brett then went on to freelance at the Calgary Sun spring/summer 2006, became a staff at the Cochrane Times in fall 2006, became our 2007 Photo Intern back in Edmonton March 2007, was then snagged back by the Calgary Sun in July 2006 as a staffer to replace Kevin Udahl who now teaches at SAIT. Now Brett heads to the Post. Brett has had a lot of jobs the past 26 months! Brett must of set some kind of record for being headhunted so many times in a short period of time.

    Tom Braid
    Photo Editor
    Edmonton Sun
    Edmonton Examiner
    24 hours (Edmonton)

  2. Edmonton Sun Photo27 April 2008 at 21:38

    Whoops typo, wrong date!!

    Then Brett was snagged back by the Calgary Sun in July 2007 as a staff photographer (not 2006 as posted).