Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Gambling site

While media conglomerates in Ontario busy themselves with print edition makeovers and web site additions, they continue to ignore the interests of gamblers.

More than a billion dollars spent annually on gambling and the cupboard is bare except for the occasional story about a multi-million-dollar win and a Rama concert review here and there.

There are pages and pages of content for movie fans, sports fans, television fans, computer game fans, music fans, concert fans, car buyers, condo shoppers, investors, travellers etc.

But not one newspaper in Ontario, including the Toronto Sun, Star, Globe and Post, is providing a service for gamblers, despite the large number of gamblers and the wide range of available material.

Lotteries: News and views on lottery odds, new tickets on the market, unclaimed prizes, player Q&As, lottery oddities, news about charity lotteries, complaints etc.;

Casinos: Odds of table games, slot payouts, a show calendar for live performances at the casinos, celebrity interviews and reviews, poker tournament news, player profiles etc.

Race tracks: News and columns about all levels of horse racing in the province, interview the race track characters Paul Rimstead used to write about etc.

Online gambling: Updates on the status of online gambling around the world, stories and columns about online gambling and gamblers, safety tips etc.

Be objective, provide a focal point for Ontario gamblers in print and online, with news and views, pro and con, and it wouldn't be a gamble. It would be a sure bet.

Talk about a target audience.

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