Sunday, 1 November 2009

Clancy retires

The Toronto Sun says goodbye to Lou Clancy in today's Sunday Sun, two years after he returned to the tabloid as editor-in-chief.

The official goodbye - Clancy stepped down as of Friday - comes on the 38th anniversary of the founding of the Toronto Sun and two weeks after TSF reported his pending retirement.

You don't lose newspaper people of Clancy's calibre if you are looking to the future of the tabloid, but that doesn't appear to be a priority for Sun Media these days.

Pros like Clancy, in the news biz for 45 years, Mike Burke-Gaffney etc., are too competent and highly paid for today's morphing Sun.

The cream of the tabloid crop has been siphoned from the newsroom at 333 since Quebecor bought Sun Media 10 years ago.

Each departing body moves the Toronto Sun that we knew and loved for most of its 38 years to the abyss.

Only four of the Sun's original 62 former Telegram employees who launched the tabloid on Nov. 1, 1971, remain - Peter Worthington, Andy Donato, Christina Blizzard and Jim Thomson.

That Day One must seem like another lifetime for the foursome and all of the other Day Oners.

Chances are there will be no Day Oners to celebrate the Sun's 40th in 2011. Just a feeling we have as we say goodbye to Clancy.

Mike Strobel also says his farewell to Clancy in today's Sun.

We agree with Strobel. Clancy has more years to contribute to print media.

At least this pro didn't quietly leave the building without a word of thanks in the paper.

No word on a new editor-in-chief for 333. Might not be if the trend continues. The tabloid dropped the managing editor's position when Burke-Gaffney called it quits last spring.

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