Thursday, 5 August 2010

CalSun memories

Steve Simmons, Toronto Sun sports columnist and a Calgary Sun Day Oner 30 years ago this week, posted this TSF comment last night and it is worth highlighting.

He writes:

"For the most part, the Day 1 Calgary Sun was a horrible newspaper. It was born out of the ashes of The Albertan, which was a decrepit paper with old, antiquated equipment.

"We didn't have computers. We wrote on typewriters. Even for 1980, the newsroom was old old style. But Day 1, we did have a decent sports staff, which you would expect for a Sun paper.

"We had (Al) Ruckaber (later inducted in Football Writers Hall of Fame), Eric Duhatschek (now at Globe, in Hockey Hall of Fame), me, Gary Loewen (who has had senior positions at Globe and Sun) and Cathy Motherwell, went on to run ROB at the Globe and Mail.

"Pretty strong Day 1 staff for a paper that was completely fucked up at the time and was an insane place to work (not in a good way) for the first several years."

Thanks for the memories, Steve.

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