Tuesday, 17 August 2010

T.O. paper wars

If you want a taste of the mindset of Toronto newspaper owners, J-Source.ca has a summary of a Canadian Business story titled "Newspapers prepare for battle."

It appears Toronto's unique status as a city playing host to four traditional and competitive paid print dailies is not secure.

The conglomerates are focused on ad dollars and the bottom line, not journalism, so let's cheer for the dedicated independent newspapers watching from the sidelines.

The J-Source story says the full article by Thomas Watson - Media Wars 2.0 - will be published in the Sept. 13 edition of Canadian Business and won't be available online.

1 comment:

  1. From what I gathered from the J-Source.ca blurb the conglomerates seem more fascinated with colour ink, second-rate internet content, and lingerie than they are with publishing newspapers.

    They seem bent on taking the news out of their newspapers. In the event that they are successful in that, they will ended up publishing just paper (minus the news). And we all know what that's worth.