Monday, 9 August 2010

Jays days

A week ago, TSF applauded the Toronto Sun sports department for moving Blue Jays coverage out of the dungeon and into the early pages of the sports section.

We also wondered how long it had been since a Jays photo was on the front page of the Toronto Sun.

What a difference a week makes. Two consecutive and warranted Blue Jays Sun fronts - on Sunday and Monday - have pumped new life into T.O. print media Jays coverage.

On Sunday, it was for the Hollywood intro of catcher J.P. Arencibia to the major league, and Monday it was a front for Brandon Morrow's memorable one-hitter.

A scriptwriter couldn't have fared better as the Jays begin to challenge the mathematical probabilities of ending the season with at least the wild card position in hand.

Ask Blue Jays players if being on the front page of the Toronto Sun, with multiple-page coverage in the sports section, makes a difference in their morale.

No doubt it is win-win for the team, the Sun and readers.

What a week for the Jays. Two out of three against the Yankees and a sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Bring on the Boston Red Sox.

The Jays just might give Cito Gaston a farewell season he won't soon forget.

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  1. I might have to do the Bill Lumbergh "yah-no."

    0.9 per cent chance of making the playoffs. Decent young team but in tough circumstances. They only get to play the Orioles six more times.