Saturday, 21 August 2010

OT: Morrison grave

Kevin Price, a Toronto-born teacher of English in South Korea, sent TSF a Jim Morrison grave photo taken during a recent 10-country swing through Europe.

Morrison died in 1971, but his gravesite in the huge Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris remains a big draw.

Flowers, etchings, empty pill containers . . .

The Doors singer is remembered.

"Oh yes, I'm a fan," Kevin tells TSF. "Going to his grave was a priority for my trip to Europe. I wish we had more time in London because I was going to go to the flat where Jimi Hendrix died and where Bonn Scott died as well. Oh well, reasons to return."

Thanks for the photo, Kevin.


  1. I took the pretty much the same picture when I was there 15 years ago. A handful of American grunge kids were there holding vigil. There was also spray-painted graffiti with arrows on the graves of famous Frenchmen saying things like "Jim this way."
    Jim (not THE Jim)

  2. I've also been to Morrison's grave in Paris, and (in 2005 when there) they had two security guards lounging near the tombstone to stop trouble makers.

  3. Grow up, hippie.

  4. Re: 11:47 AM: Would you rather he visit the burial site where PKP Sr. is six feet under? Hmmmm, news flash: Afraid the pop cultural significance just isn't as legendary by comparison.

  5. Re: 11:39 PM: What? PKP Sr.'s grave? No, I wouldn't suggest that.
    News flash: It's 2010, not 1971 when you were at the height of your Doors phase. If you're talking about pop culture significance, then it's time to listen to something recorded in the past 5 years, hippie. It was just meant to be a joke anyhow. A bit of gentle ribbing from a twenty-something to a middle-ager. Remember when you made fun of your dad for listening to Lawrence Welk? Same thing. Peace!

  6. Re: 4:07 PM. Name someone equally as iconic from the past five years. Peace!

  7. Re: 8:02 AM. Ahhh, appears I really touched a raw nerve with this one! Most people grow out of having conversations about the Doors after high school. And if you can't think of an answer to your own question then your old ears are beyond repair!

  8. No answer, huh 8:12? So much for intelligent discourse ... another consequence of Generation PKP.

    OK, time to let you get back to bopping along to one of the two JBs (Jonas Bros vs. Justin Bieber) you have in rotation. Me? I'll go back to my state of being stoned ... IMMACULATE!!!

  9. 12:20 AM: You seem like you've got a good sense of humour. I mean, I laugh when I think of an old man listening to lines like "Weird scenes inside the gold mine..."
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