Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Paper wars story

The full Canadian Business article on Toronto's newspaper wars is online at CB Online.

The lengthy Thomas Watson article can be read here.


  1. Hmmm "6 out of ten reporters in Ottawa are chasing the census story that a poll shows 50 per cent of Canadians don't care about."


    That tells me 60 per cent of reporting resources are chasing a story 50 per cent of people want to read.

    I'd say that was pretty healthy.

    That leaves 40 per cent of reporting resources to chase something else.

    Whoops. Forgot. Sun Media can only cover one story at a time because their resources are so thin.

    Better dust off another right wing extremist position and run it up the flagpole and salute, eh?

  2. Interesting how Godfrey's vision to bring Postmedia to dominance mirrors what Sun Media has been doing for the last two years.

  3. That doesn't bode well for Postmedia employees.

  4. As much as I prefer the Sun's reporting this year, there is no war - within the Toronto area. The Star provides an incomparable clear online presentation vs. the other three. Only their lagging no real numbers stock updates gives the Globe any reason to exist as an alternative. The Post has provided nothing as a 'Toronto' newspaper; each company has its stable of comparable name columnists. The Sun's smaller website just doesn't work very well, plus it should better integrate with its overall Canoe/Sun chain.
    The only battles will be the race to convert traditional print ads into traditional online ads while maintaining and building a 21st century readership.