Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sun mural's fate?

Two years ago, the Toronto Sun marked the 15th anniversary of its huge mural commemorating 200 years of Toronto life with a story and photos.

Doug Creighton had commissioned Toronto artist John Hood to create the Front Street mural in 1991. Hood, with the assistance of his sister, Alexandra, devoted two years to creating the mural.

Its future has been in doubt since Quebecor sold off the six-floor home office and recent rumblings suggest the mural is doomed.

Can any TSF readers update fans of the mural? Will it be demolished? Moved?

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  1. I was walking past the Sun Bldg and it looks like the mural is staying. They were pouring cement into that section while the loading dock area was being demolished. Its sad to see what is happening to the Sun Bldg. and the Sun itself.