Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Tireless Peter W

Tales of the heart . . .

World politics.

Animal rights.





Crime and punishment.

Peter Worthington has covered it all as a reporter and columnist since the 1950s, including sports for the Ubyssey, the University of British Columbia student newspaper.

As Peter says in his 1984 book, Looking For Trouble, it was probably better in the long run that the Vancouver Province never gave him a sports job.

He moved on to the Telegram in 1956 as a $60-a-week reporter and the rest is print media history.

Peter, a few months after writing about hockey, writes about CFL football today, returning to his post-Korean War university days.

A few days ago, he wrote about his heart and the remarkable stories it has generated since the first of eight bypass and replacement surgeries in 1978.

Peter W. - a Canadian newspaper icon with eight-plus decades of adventurous living to draw from daily for the benefit of Sun readers.


  1. I used to edit Peter Worthington for the national comment dept. Quality and quantity. He is an amazing columnist.

  2. Great writer and nice to see a positive piece on Canadian football.

    Did balk a little at his "first time in recent memory" an Argonauts vs. Tiger-Cats game means something line. They met in the playoffs in 2004, only six years ago. That's more recent than anything Mr. Worthington talks about in the article!

    Also, surely someone on the copy desk knows the old Ottawa team broke up "Roughriders" into two words.