Friday, 6 August 2010

Photo brokers

The best kept freelance photography secret in Canada appears to be how to get the most out of an exclusive photo or video, instead of getting screwed by the conglomerates.

So we put it to TSF readers: You have in your possession THE exclusive news, sports or entertainment photo or video footage definitely of interest to media around the world.

Who are you going to call?

Are there lawyers out there who will act as brokers in search of the best national and international media deal on your behalf? Or are you on your own, relying on media contacts in hopes of a fair deal?

If there are brokers, give us their names and we'll give them a free plug. Other avenues?

Any advice from freelance vets?


  1. This is not for this post, but everyone who works for Sun Media should watch this documentary and see how the Sun was born and the disgrace it became.

  2. The above-mentioned documentary was produced in 1997, and is about Rupert Murdoch's ownership and destruction of the Mirror newspaper in the UK. The video has many parallels to Quebecor's ownership of Sun Media in Canada. Quebecor purchased Sun Media near the end of 1998 and the deal cleared regulators a few months later in 1999.

    The video is over 50 minutes long (grab a large coffee first) and it's worth watching, especially if you're ever worked for Sun Media in Canada. To most of us, the lessons are obvious and all the mistakes were preventable. But then, none of us are smart business people.

    Too bad there isn't a similar documentary (yet) about Sun Media in Canada.

  3. A smart business person doesn't gut his or her valuable assets to the point where newspaper circulation plummets to the point of near irrelevance as has happened in London, Ontario, to The London Free Press.

  4. As had happened in nearly every Sun Media-owned paper, Butch.

  5. I'm still curious about the freelance photo post. Does anybody have any suggestions?