Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Lamothe's new book

The Winnipeg Free Press has given Lee Lamothe's latest book - The Finger's Twist - a rave review, calling the "breakout mystery novel" the best Canadian release this year.

Lamothe, a former veteran Toronto Sun cop desk staffer, has written 10 crime-themed books since 1995.

John Sullivan, a Free Press book reviewer, writes:

"Genre-busting in the extreme, The Finger's Twist is a love story, a character study, a wheel-within-wheels whodunit, a social commentary, a political treatise (though nowhere a drum-beating polemic) and a police procedural (the title refers to a signature bomb-making technique that’s key to the resolution).

"But, beyond that, it’s bang-up storytelling, a compulsive, read-it-over-dinner, take-it-to-the bathroom cure for what ails ya. No higher praise possible, except maybe this: Once finished, you may be tempted to read it again. Indulge."

Congrats, Lee.

The 256-page paperback whodunit is available at

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