Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Re J.T. Lewis

J.T. Lewis, a former award-winning Welland Tribune photographer laid off in November 2006, has responded to a previous TSF posting about a PMO photo being used in the Tribune.

He writes:

"Well, it's interesting to note that people remembered me. I did my internship at the Toronto Sun after Loyalist College.

"From being let go at the Tribune in 2006, it's been a struggle, trying to find my way. Seems that no one wants to pay for photography anymore. Hopefully, I will be making more e magazines soon. The first one,, was put online early September 2009.

"Friends of mine who still read the Tribune always remark how the photography efforts are quite lacking these days, photos badly composed and mostly out of focus, subject matter in poor taste and photos that really don't match the stories.

"Seems that quality photography isn't an issue in the small newspaper anymore. Shame, but, I really don't read the Tribune anymore as I find that the staffing issues have led to a paper that is barely capable of keeping up with the important news in the community anymore.

"I happened to see one weekend where they were asking for reader submissions for fair coverage one weekend, and others have told me that they have announced that people should send in photos when they go to local events.

"Shame, professionalism in the small media sources has totally gone out the door in Canada.

"J.T. Lewis"

Thanks for your update, J.T.

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