Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Millar & cases 2

Rob Tripp, the prolific Canadian crime blogger up Kingston way, produced some stunning figures in a recent posting - there are more than 3,400 unsolved murders on the books dating back to 1961.

Collectively, those figures are staggering when you consider how annual murder statistics in Canada barely make us wince when comparing them to the United States.

Says Tripp:

"Roughly 90 of the approximately 600 murders committed in Canada each year are not solved. While every murder leaves a life story unwritten, these 90 are wretched for the doubts and uncertainty they sow."

Tripp, a TSF reader, writes in a comment posted today:

"The idea of an unsolved-murder column is a terrific idea, in part, because there's no shortage of good material.

"I recently blogged over at cancrime.com about the fact that there are more than 3,400 unsolved homicides on the books in Canada from the past 50 years. At one case/column per week, it would take 65 years just to get through that inventory."

How about a decade at a time, starting with this one that is ending in a few weeks?

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