Thursday, 19 November 2009

Peter W interview

The Canoe Dossier's David Newland sat down with Peter Worthington, the Toronto Sun's founding editor, this week for a chat about Conservatism - with a few surprising results.

Newland writes: "Did you know, for example, that Worthington is basically pro-choice? Or that he's for gay rights? Did you know that he's a fan of Michael Ignatieff - the leader of the Liberal party of Canada? I sure didn't . . ."

The Canoe Dossier posting includes a four-minute video of Peter W. talking with Newland at 333. The video leaves us wanting to hear more from the TorSun Day Oner, including stories from his long and distinguished career in journalism.

It is time for another book or a video bio on the life and times of Peter Worthington to update his 1984 book, Looking for Trouble. Or a P.W. blog, perhaps? John Downing, also a Day Oner and former editor, is getting good mileage out of his Downing's Views blog.

Next Tuesday, Peter's thoughts will no doubt go back to Nov. 24, 1963, when Jack Ruby gunned down Lee Harvey Oswald only feet from where the Telegram reporter was standing.

Just one of the many print media experiences he has logged in his six decades as an award winning newsman.


  1. Thanks for the link - look for more conversations with Mr. Worthington soon.

  2. Worthington being pro-choice or for gay rights doesn't surprise me. Being on the libertarian side of conservatism myself, it isn't rare to find a non-religious conservative with similar views. Its the folks who think the Bible is a guide for modern living who seem to want the government involved in people's business. Not very conservative if you ask me...