Friday, 20 November 2009

TorSun staffers

The mass e-mail Rob Granatstein sent to editorial employees at the Toronto Sun this week included the names of men and women still on the job in editorial at 333.

TSF has mentioned some of the names of current staffers and the names of a lot of former staffers, but let's salute all of the editorial workers putting out the Sun daily.

There are a few bodies on Rob's e-mail list we thought were long gone. Glad to see they are still on the job. The list might not be complete, but here goes, in no particular order:

Al Maffei; Alex Urosevic; Andrew Mair; Andy Donato; Anne Bacani; Antonella Artuso; Bill Lankhof; Bill Murray; Bill Pierce; Bob Elliott; Brian Gray; Bruce Kirkland; Chris Doucette; Christina Blizzard; Craig Robertson; Cynthia McLeod; Dave Ellis; Dave Fuller; Dave Thomas;

Dean McNulty; Don MacPhail; Donald Duench; Ernest Doroszuk; Frank Zicarelli; Gary Loewen; Greg Henkenhaf; Harry Langford; Ian Robertson; Jack Boland; Jane Stevenson; Jim Baine; Jim Slotek; Jim Thomson; Jim Wilson; Joe Warmington; John Coulbourn;

John Fitz-Gerald; John Kryk; Jonathan Jenkins; Jonathan Kingstone; Julie Kirsh; Ken Fidlin; Ken Winlaw; Kevin Hann; Lance Hornby; Liz Braun; Lorrie Goldstein; Marilynn Figueroa; Mark Bonokoski; Mark Oneill; Michael Peake; Michele Mandel; Mike Ganter; Mike Strobel;

Mike Zeisberger; Pam Davies; Pat Job; Rita DeMontis; Rob Granatstein; Rob Lamberti; Rob Longley; Robin Robinson; Sam Pazzano; Steve Buffery; Steve Simmons; Sue-Ann Levy; Sue Dewar; Terry England; Terry Koshan; Tim Peckham; Tom Godfrey; Veronica Henri;

Wayne Janes; Bill Harris; Brett Clarkson; Tamara Cherry; Don Peat; Bryn Weese; Zenon Ruryk; Rolf Rimstad; Mike Rutsey; Joel Colomby; Irene Thomaidis; Jack Romanelli; James Wallace; Dan Bilicki; Paul Ferguson; Dave Hilson; Richard Mauntah; Ryan Wolstat; Alan Marshall;

Jon Mccarthy; Dave Abel; Stan Behal; Jenny Yuen; Sharon Lem; Kevin Connor; Jolene Gallant; Kurt Larson; Emily Barker; Davina Biln; Adam Bishop; Susan Dugas; Clarisa Feliprada; Jillian Goddard; Julie Hornby; Danielle L'Ami; Selena Ladd; Kevin Naulls; Sarah Reeves;

Augusta Shaw; Glenna Tapscott, Joyce Wagler, Katherine Webb-Nelson; Holly Wiseman.

Contributors, one and all.

For corrections and updates, please e-mail TSF.


  1. As a good journalist, you might want to doublecheck that list since you thought some of them were "long gone."

    I know for a fact that when some Sun Media national editors send out emails, they're sending them out to people listed in their address book. Quite a few of them on the list are no longer with the company (not by their choice either).

  2. Rob Granatstein is editor of the Toronto Sun, not a national editor, and from TSF experience is a stickler for accuracy. We consider his mass e-mail list trustworthy, but if it isn't let us know who should be deleted.