Thursday, 26 November 2009

Say what?

TSF could devote a daily post highlighting typos and other editorial faults in the Toronto Sun, but the underlying cause is lack of staff and overworked employees.

But we can't get past the lead of Don Peat's news story on Page 20 of Wednesday's Sun. If it is still online by the time you read this, click here to see what we mean.

The heading is: Brit boss sued by Mississauga woman sent lewd e-mail: Intern

The lead is: I don't think that's loving your enemies.

No quotes, no attribution.

We consider Peat a competent, productive reporter, so the personalized lead is quite puzzling.

It is a news story, not a column or an op-ed effort.

Did an editor rewrite the story and add the personalized comment?

Is this the "new" Sun, with reporters trying to be cute with the news?

Or are we missing something?


  1. Oh for god's sake, there's a bigger journalism issue here. This is a repoter in Canada, reporting on a UK tribunal involving a Canadian, without being in Britain or talking to anyone involved in the case. It's a rewrite of that day's British press coverage that hasn't been disguised thinly enough - nothing wrong with rewrite, but don't make it sound like you were there. Why doesn't Sun Media just pay to pick up the Tely coverage and have a story from someone who actually attended the tribunal - remember, it used to be included in the wire package before PKP cancelled them to save money.

  2. I'm getting sick of seeing stories written by The Sun where they turn news items into fluff columns and try to play it off as if they were there covering it. So many details missing when readers grab another paper and read the CP/AP version of it.

    If Sun Media thinks they're fooling the readers, they're completely wrong.