Monday, 9 November 2009

Short shorts

The Telegraph in the U.K. gives the late Doug Fisher a fitting sendoff today. Fisher, former veteran Toronto Sun columnist, died Sept. 18, a day shy of his 90th birthday. He penned words for the Telegraph over the years.

John Paton
, the former Toronto Sun copy boy who could and did, is featured in a Toronto Star story today as CEO of the profitable impreMedia in New York. The company publishes Spanish-language newspapers.

Judy Creighton, 71, former London Free Press staffer and veteran Canadian Press food writer, received Cuisine Canada's Founder's Award Friday for her "lifetime of service to Canada's culinary community."

Derek Ingram, a Winnipeg Sun golf columnist, has been named new head coach of Canada's national women's amateur golf team. He replaces Dean Spriddle, who stepped down from the position recently.

Quebecor Inc.'s
third-quarter profit jumped 52% as customer growth boosted the media company's revenues. It reported net income of $69.4 million or $1.08 per share for the quarter ended Sept. 30.


  1. Jumped 52%? But PKP, what about these "tough economic times?" Surely you have to cut more jobs!

  2. Of course their profit "jumped 52%"! There are fewer of those pesky salary collecting employees occupying the "expense" side of the ledger.

    Disgruntled staffer who has to remain anonymous otherwise I may be next.

  3. he's already looking at it from what I understand. Last December should be a warning of things to come. Number being thrown around 5% reduction. More outsourcing and a couple more centres of excellance on the drawing boards.

  4. Not having to pay entire newsrooms for a year or more (Journals de Montreal and Quebec) certainly helps the bottom line

  5. Well I wonder how much they pay those freelance photographers at NHL games in the U.S.... no wait they are "QMI" staff, we wouldn't want our own photographers working.