Tuesday, 17 November 2009

TTC suicide

Rob Lamberti's front page story the other day about a TTC subway driver "reliving the nightmare" of a suicide received the tabloid play it deserved.

Can't say we have ever read such a haunting story - a TTC driver replaying a traumatic suicide by subway train and the emotional aftermath for everyone involved.

The Page 3 story was in Thursday's paper and five days later the imagery of that deadly moment in time lingers. Kevin Pett, the driver, and the victim, eye-to-eye beyond the point of no return.

The victim was a school teacher in the news for two days, but details of most subway suicides are rarely published, except to explain delays in service.

Lamberti's story put readers at the controls of the subway train as it entered the High Park station and humanized Pett's nightmarish experience and the toll it has taken on him and his family.

Credit is due to Pett, his wife and the TTC for allowing the story to be told.

It is a Sun story by a Sun vet we won't soon forget.

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