Thursday, 9 June 2011

Donato's diet

Yes, that is our Andy Donato in a Harvey Brooker weight loss testimonial being aired on 1010. 

The veteran Sun Media editorial cartoonist tells TSF he was up to 236 pounds when he decided to do something about his weight.

"Lost 36 pounds in six months," says Andy, who turns 75 this year. "The golf game is still the same, but my health is better."

Congrats on the weight loss, Andy.

(Speaking of birthdays, retired Sun vet Les Pyette, who just turned 66, tells TSF: "If Ed Monteith were alive, he would be 85; Donato turns 75 this year; John Downing too; Hartley Steward is 70 on July 1; I think Peter Worthington is 106.")

Downing's 75th is tomorrow, June 10. Have a good one, John.

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