Monday, 13 June 2011

Vallee update

Brian Vallee is breathing on his own and out of ICU, says longtime friend Ron Base in updating his condition today.

"I'm in Paris at the moment, but I'm in touch with Nancy and the news is pretty good," says Ron. "Brian has regained consciousness, is breathing on his own, and is out of the ICU.

"He can talk, but for the moment only in a whisper. That will improve in the days to come, He's even been walking a bit, I'm told.

"Still, there is a long road ahead, but as those who have known him over the years have come to realize, never, never underestimate Brian, and his ability to make a comeback."

You said it, Ron. There are more books to write and stories to share for the former Toronto Sun reporter and Windsor Mafia member.

Thanks for the update. TSF readers have been asking about Brian since he was admitted to St. Michael's Hospital three weeks ago.

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