Friday, 3 June 2011

Masthead play

The name play in the Toronto Sun's Comment masthead has been active recently.

Masthead lefties are more dominant than ever, with six names - Mike Power, James Wallace, Kevin Hann, Rob Granatstein, Lorrie Goldstein and Mark Bonokoski.

Power used to be alone at the top in the masthead, then Wallace joined him and now Hann. We thought it might be egos involved, but it is more likely symmetry. 

Masthead righties are down to two - with Piero Menicucci's name dropped recently as VP Finance - plus J. Douglas Creighton, founding publisher, OC, shamefully in smaller type that can barely be read. 

So what's the story with Menicucci? A TSF tipster says he has moved to corporate.

And what happened to Brandon Grosvenor, whose name was added to the masthead in December 2009 as VP advertising sales?

"Brandon left on his own accord in May," says another tipster.

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