Thursday, 9 June 2011

We get links

A TSF reader writes: "Hilarious John Doyle column in Globe and Mail on Sun TV."


  1. I think it became official that they had lost it by accusing Sesame Street of indoctrinating the children with extreme lefty propaganda or whatever they called it.

  2. Desperate in TV land12 June 2011 at 20:13

    The Sun is fighting back. Today's Toronto Sun has front page coverage of Sun TV (yet again). But today's front page shouted: "Viewers tuning in"

    Now turn to the two-page spread and be overwhelmed by lots of colours, lots of graphics, lots of cut-out heads. (Note that Pew Research study in the USA has shown that the amount of colours and graphics used by a newspaper is usually inversely proportional to the importance of the story).

    The article, written by a Sun reporter, has quotes praising Sun TV. Oh wait, those quotes came from a Sun executive.

    But look at those testimonials! Oh wait, all those glowing comments came from Sun TV employees.

    But look at those big bar charts! Oh wait, they show only Sun TV programs without any comparison to competing programs.

    Look at those AMA numbers! They show that *some* Sun TV shows have attracted tens of thousands of viewers! Oh wait, the Sun intentionally failed to explain what those numbers really represent.

    If someone (even a search bot) visits your web site for a second, intentionally or accidentally, that counts as a web hit. Similarly, AMA numbers for TV are the number of people who click through your channel for at least 15(?) seconds, (although it may be many seconds longer). The Sun article doesn't mention any cumulative or frequency numbers which would be more telling. Also doesn't talk about depth of viewing or viewer demographic.

    Couldn't the paper find any satisfied Sun TV viewers who aren't Sun employees? Couldn't anyone else write a glowing review of Sun TV other than a Sun employee? Why not interview a Sun TV advertiser and ask them about their return on investment? Why not mention how many people have complained to Bell for not carrying Sun TV? Why not organize a "We want Sun TV" protest in front of Bell's offices?