Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Torontoist: Mural

Updated 8/6/11 re new Torontoist story
For all the enjoyment the Toronto Sun mural has given passersby for almost 20 years, very little is being said about its demise.

So we're pleased to see a mention over at Torontoist.com, with photos of the dismantling of John and Alexandra Hood's mural, commissioned by Doug Creighton in 1991.

(You can read an updated Torontoist story, with quotes from Mike Power, John Hood, First Gulf etc. here. Says Hood, he was not informed about his mural's fate.) 

Says Torontoist:

"The Toronto building was purchased by the First Gulf Development Corporation in 2011, and apparently its new owners decided the mural had to go - or at least part thereof."

We're still waiting for the decision makers to say what, if any, effort was made to save the mural.

BTW: Urbantoronto.ca has more photos and a few comments about the mural.

But where's the bigger mainstream media story, with quotes from city hall, historians, First Gulf, the Toronto Sun, John and Alexandra Hood?

Their silence is deafening.


  1. I'm not sure anyone at the "mainstream media" really cares all that much about a painting commissioned by a rival newspaper.

  2. We'd settle for a Toronto Sun story or column.