Tuesday, 28 June 2011

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The Interview From Hell.


Thankfully, we are Bell subscribers.


  1. I actually was unaware they were still on the air.

  2. This is what happens when objective journalism is tossed out the window. It's astonishing that the council itself claimed that they receive an average of 2,000 complaints altogether every year. Krista Erickson managed to log at least 4,350 complaints over that interview alone. I watched some of it, was it really necessary for her to shout over Margie's answers? Margie was quite the graceful lady, she had class. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about Krista.

    She was incredibly rude to Margie during the interview. It was obviously a set-up and to smear her reputation on the air for the sake of her political agenda.

  3. Krista will never work as a serious journalist again. What a horrible interview. Krista looked like . . . a bully who obviously left her morals and her marbles at CBC. Never watch Sun TV and never will after that. I can't believe I work for a company that supports that type of reporting.

  4. Happened to catch a repeat of this 'interview' on the Star's web site. I'm no fan of an open-cheque book policy towards the arts, or anything else, but this attempt at creating some kind of outrage was beyond the pale. Did that Krista woman actually work at the CBC at one time? Hope she still has some connection there, because if this was an example of her new gig's style, heaven help her.

  5. There is so much that could be said about Krista Erikson and what should be done to her as a result of that ridiculous interview (like getting fired).
    Those comments can be as laughable as this interview.
    Stay classy SNN!!!

  6. Gutsy for Sun Media to question government money when they accept money for some of the small weekly newspapers from the Heritage Ministry. Money well spent, they serve their communities well spent. Wow gutsy.

  7. PKP obviously doesn't care one horse's patoot how much of an embarrassment to Canadian "journalism" this is. How y'all likin' yer White Knight now, Sun folk?

  8. In that Toronto Star article, it says "A spokesman for Sun Media said he did not wish to comment 'since the complaints ... were filed with the CBSC following an organized and widely publicized campaign.' "

    So, Sun Media won't take this seriously because it's the result of an organized campaign.

    Then, this means that no one should take the complaints (for not carrying Sun TV) against Bell seriously because these complaints are also the result of an organized and publicized campaign.

  9. Yes, apparently "an organized and widely publicized campaign” would make it illegitimate, like the Stunned News Network's attempt to browbeat their handful of viewers into complaining to Bell. Interesting how the number of complaints to thecouncil far exceeds the little piffle program's viewers at any given time, showing how the interview went viral to non-viewers because it was so outrageous and over the top.

    Of course, Erickson and her defenders will just claim this shows how they're "keeping it real" and "digging for the real story behind the headlines" blah blah.

  10. Sun News Network does not deserve anything from Bell because it is available over the air. Bell does not pay for any channels that are available over the air.

    Yes, Sun News Network may have gotten a specialty channel license (CAT 2) but it's worthless since we all can access the channel for free over the air and the internet.

    Sorry Quebecor, but you need to stop misleading your customers into thinking Bell is screwing you over when they aren't.

  11. Let the Exodus begin
    Theo Caldwell and The Caldwell Report 'have left the building'. The downside of his departure is that he may land at a network that people actually watch!