Friday, 10 June 2011

We get links

No Glee for fired Chicago Sun-Times critic.,0,7778076.column


  1. Notice (yet another) fake photo on the front page of the Toronto Sun today (June 15): a picture of Toronto Mayor Ford pasted into another picture and made to look like he was really there.

    The Chicago Sun-Tribune fired a reporter for making up some of the details in a concert review. So will the Toronto Sun fire the person who made up this totally fake front page? Why does the Sun condone this type of made-up "journalism"? Isn't lying to your readers a bit harmful to whatever credibility you have left? Does the Sun have an ounce of ethics like the Chicago paper? Why doesn't the Sun respect its readers?

    BTW, why are there so many cut-out pictures in the Sun? Today, I counted 20 pages (out of 66) with cut-outs. It's like a child with a pair of scissors got loose in the Sun's newsroom. It looks so cheap and amateurish. If nothing else, why not teach the Sun folks how to use Photoshop properly?

  2. Oops, just to point out, the fake photo I referred to is the fake photo on the real front page and not the fake photo on the fake front page of today's Toronto Sun.

    Also, nice to see that Calgary and Edmonton used matching front pages (again) today. At least their fake, manipulated front page photo had better quality photoshopping.