Monday, 20 June 2011

We get links

From a TSF reader:

Another Quebecor paper in Alberta is looking for a "Mobile Multimedia Journalist". The qualifications are:

Must write on any topic, edit, shoot and edit still pictures, shoot and edit video, do podcasts, edit audio, blog, maintain a Facebook page and produce frequent Tweets.

Actual journalism experience is not required.


  1. I find it so funny how stuck in the past you are. Many companies nowadays, not just Sun Media, require skill sets like this in its reporters, along with journalism experience. There's some great multimedia journalism and social media journalism being done today. But I guess if it doesn't get published in the Toronto Sun of yore, then it's just not real journalism, now is it?

  2. I have to agree with the first comment. For any media company to be success today, they cannot be print only, radio only or television only. Multi-media isn't the wave of the future, it is today's reality. The more skill sets a journalist has, the better.

  3. Multimedia is now and the future, but the journalists shouldn't be responsible for it. The multimedia artists should be. Just saying that it's unnecessary to add more to a person's job description, being a journalist is already a lot of work to start with. Multimedia is a lot of work too as well. They should assign different tasks to individuals rather than dumping it all onto one person.

    A lot of journalists don't really have the skills to start with, at least not on a professional level when it comes to graphic design and multimedia.

    Just being honest as I have worked in the industry for years. Management is also a real problem these days. They don't instill a lot of confidence in their workplaces.

  4. How many Sun managers can claim broadcast and multimedia experience? So how can they possibly manage a newsroom with "I've never done it but head office says it's super easy and takes no time at all?" Especially since PKP eliminated the training budget.

  5. "Jack of all trades, master of none" comes to mind when talking about the added demands in understaffed Sun Media newsrooms. The losers are conscientiousness journalists who are spread too thin by multi-tasking to do an adequate job - and Sun readers.

  6. How is managing a Facebook page a skill needed by today's newspapers? Seven- and eight-year-olds do that!

  7. I think reporters at smaller newspapers accept that they're going to be taking photos and shooting videos etc. But I do think it's kind of stupid to put this convoluted name on the position. I doubt any reporter thinks of him or herself as a "mobile multimedia journalist" anymore than a garbagemen think of themselves as "sanitary engineers."

    Isn't reporting all about describing things as they are? People with a hankering for this kind of empty corporate b.s. would probably be more inclined to go into PR and spend their days churning out press releases.

  8. You people are out dated, multimedia has came and went. It's dieing, management are fooling themselves as corporate grasps at straws thinking mulitmedia is the future. The Globe and Mail realized it and quit doing news video because no one is watching it. They hired a couple of people to do lifestyle video and now the photogs are focusing on photography.

    The Sun is always the last to move on. They beat the dead horse to the end and then some more. The Sun motto is, if circulation is going down and people don't like the paper, we need to give them more of the same and shove it down their throat, then they will like it.

    Then the real brilliance kicks in, I have a great idea, let's re-brand the Sun with a Queen's Guard and put some sun glasses on him like we did back in the 1980s and call it "News with Attitude" Now that's vision, marketing at it's best. Let's ramp up the cheese, that will get us the readers, yuk! yuk!

    Thank god I quit and don't work there anymore.