Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Factory 2

We're getting the feeling these colour photos were snapped in the months before the move to 333 King St. E. in the summer of 1975.

Thanks to Sun vets and TSF readers, all of the rim staffers are identified:

Peter Brewster is in the slot.

"The guy on the left is John McCallum, who was a professor at Ryerson and did some part-time work at the Sun," says a TSF reader. "He taught copy editing in the early 70s. A classic Front Page kind of guy."

Sitting to his left, Gordon Stimmell, who was the Sun's TV guide editor for 25 years before axed in 1999 during the Quebecor downsizing. He is now at the Toronto Star.

Another TSF reader has identified the person to the left of Stimmell as Sheila Patterson.

And another TSF reader writes: "The guy way at the back in the white shirt and dark tie is former desker Bill Hay."

Thank you, TSF readers.

One of the much appreciated freedoms of the Sun was casual attire, day or night, male and female.

Note the tools of the rim trade - and the ashtrays.

More to come.

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