Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Author, author

Christina Blizzard's new book
Life in a Word Factory lives up to its name when you consider dozens of current and former Toronto Sun staffers are also published authors.

Columnist Christina Blizzard, Sun Media's "Queen of Queen's Park," is the most recent addition to TSF's list of published Toronto Sun authors, taking the count to 48.

(A list of Sun authors to date can be found here.)

Somehow we overlooked Christina's 1995 debut book, Right Turn: How the Tories Took Ontario, an oversight discovered when adding her new book, Young Royals on Tour: William & Catherine in Canada, now on sale.

We are hoping to have a complete list of Toronto Sun authors before we put a 30 to this blog on Nov. 1 - the 40th anniversary of the Toronto Sun.

If you have spent any amount of time at 322 King Street West or 333 King Street East and have a book to your name, email your name, book title(s), publisher, number of pages and fiction or non-fiction to TSF.

If you are already on the list and have updates or corrections, email us.

For those who are not published authors, but feel they have a book to be written - write it.

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