Friday, 12 August 2011

TorSun & TSF

The countdown continues for the Toronto Sun's 40th anniversary and the retirement of TSF as an active blog after five hectic years.

TSF will keep the lights on, but nobody will be answering the door, leaving it more or less  a tribute to the 62 Day Oners and all of the good people who have toiled at 322 King Street West and 333 King Street East since Nov. 1, 1971.

We'll leave all of the positive vibes and comments shared by former and current Sun Media people over the years. There are more books to be written about the Little Paper That Grew, but for now TSF memories overfloweth.

After all, newcomers from around the world who pass this way, intentionally or by accident, should be told of all the positive years at 322 and 333 and get to know the newspaper men and women responsible for the Miracle on King Street.

The newspaper giants; the many who stood tall; the prolific reporters who became successful publishers; the gifted photographers and cartoonists who made a difference.

We will profile the 62 Day Oners and as many Toronto Sun shooting stars from the first four decades that time allows.

As we said, the post-Nov. 1 TSF blog will be a tribute to those who considered the tabloid more than a job. Company men and women who gave it their all.

The grinches - and all of the negativity associated with them - are best left on the sidelines where they belong. They are a deflating, negative force in an otherwise feel-good, movie-of-the-week newspaper story.

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