Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Granatstein out

Today's second Toronto Sun newsroom casualty was the high-profile Rob Granatstein, editorial page editor and columnist.


Was it his justified criticism of the excessive use of "exclusive" at 333, in a column that editors have apparently ignored? The "exclusives" remain an almost daily boast.

Was he not pro-Ford enough?

Did he object to Sun Media pulling out of the Ontario Press Council, where he sat as a member?

Or it could be just another Quebecor cost-cutting pink slip, along with Dave Ellis, the former assistant city editor who fought back from a near-fatal 2007 bicycle accident to work the newsroom again.

(Rob's Facebook followers are commenting on his sudden departure.)

Whatever the reason, this is how the Sun promoted Rob Granatstein, a 17-year TorSun vet and editorial page editor since 2006:

Toronto Sun

Rob Granatstein is the Editorial Page Editor of the Toronto Sun - responsible for the editorials, letters to the editors, columnists, and editorial cartoonists, as well as writing frequent columns. He also oversees Sun Media's national comment program.

A lifelong resident of the City of Toronto, he covered City Hall and Toronto issues for a decade as a reporter and continues to keep a sharp eye on Toronto issues. He's also a member of the Ontario Press Council, and previously ran Press Review magazine. He's a graduate of Ryerson University's journalism program.

Our best to Rob and Dave. You are now in a better place, beyond the walls of 333.

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  1. I hope it wasn't because of today's editorial cartoon. It was pretty classless to run this after people lost their homes and businesses.