Friday, 5 August 2011

Billy goes hi-tech

Life With Billy has had a life of its own for 25 years.

Now, Brian Vallee's 1986 international best-seller is available as an e-book, which would have made the former Underwood typewriter user from the Soo giddy.

Ron Base, a longtime friend of Brian's, says the $9.99 e-book from West-End Books is available at Amazon's Kindle Bookstore.

New exposure for a timeless non-fiction tale of domestic abuse.

Jane Hurshman shot and killed her abusive common-law husband, Billy Stafford, in 1982. The killing was first publicized in Toronto media by Toronto Sun columnist Mark Bonokoski after newspaper clippings were mailed to the Sun by a reader in Nova Scotia.

Brian's 1986 book became a movie, released in 1994.  

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