Wednesday, 31 August 2011

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OttSun boobs


  1. Leave it to the Sun to never miss a chance to write about itself.

  2. The Ottawa Sun "news" story names the woman as "Giggly Spero".

    Shuuurely the Sun meant to write "Jiggly Spero".

    The Toronto Sun carried lots of coverage of that topless protest in Toronto. Full-page story, lots of pictures, online gallery and online video, (and with all nipples dutifully covered up). Must've been a big, important protest to warrant all that news coverage, right?

    Just 17 women.

    And a few dozen men with cameras.

    Speaking of the Sun writing about itself: Aug. 31 Toronto Sun sports section - (i) the best sports photo in the world was a section-front, full-page headshot of a Sun reporter; (ii) the most important sports story in the world was that said Sun reporter had opinions on sports.

  3. I always thought that at some point before i passed, the Toronto Sun would run a topless Sunshine Girl. Guess not, and I think time is running out for the Sun papers as we knew them.
    Bill Sandford

  4. Hey Bill, there were a few topless Sunshine Girls. But they either had their back to the camera, had their hands or arms covering up or they wore a pair of strategically placed suspenders. Also had a few wet T-shirt Sunshine Girls with nipples showing (gasp!); a few with bikini tops accidentally low enough to see some nipple; at least two infamous, uh, camel toe photos.

    Now ask whether or not there were any *men* who were Sunshine Girls.