Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sun love-in

TSF reader Kevin T. writes:

"Here's a low from today (August 21): the Toronto Sun (which I got for free) had 10 pages of 'meporting' (reporters writing about themselves or the Sun).

"Two pages were columnists, so maybe you can forgive them. 

"I'm sure nothing interests the public more than reading about 'meporters' talking about themselves. I guess meporting is a lot cheaper than reporting."

Kevin T. makes a timely observation. 

This first-person fest began last Monday with Sue-Ann Levy's "I-saturated" column about her return to print after a stint on Sun News. 

Then along comes a Joe Warmington column praising the tireless newsroom efforts of Toronto Sun vet Tom Godfrey.

Not to be outdone, Mike Strobel writes a column about how Sun photog Dave Thomas helped a homeless guy living under a bridge get back on the road to recovery.  

Columnist Mark Bonokoski writes a first-person column about him filling in for Charles Adler in Winnipeg on Sun News for a week.

Meanwhile, reporter Terry Davidson does a familiar first person beggar-for-a-day piece in a two-page spread.

And there is Jenny Yuen's two-page spread about her visit to Hong Kong and locales her mother visited decades ago.

We don't include the final John Downing hospital ordeal column because he is no longer on staff and his series has been in the Sunday Sun for five weeks.

Still, it was all a bit too much "meporting," as Kevin puts it, for paying Sun readers to digest in one week.

And the "I" count was off the charts. 

In our books, it was a week of wasted precious news space that should have been used for less incestuous news stories and features.


  1. Let's not forget exclusive stories on how Sun News stands by Krista Erickson (how did other media outlets miss this one?) and how Sun News
    Network now drawing bigger audience than Seinfeld and MASH finales combined, and columnists who remind us that Ezra Levant is a 'freedom fighter.'


  2. And are these all so-called Sun "exclusives"? As if that means anything more ...

  3. There is no bigger waste of valuable newshole than the "must run" Sun News blow jobs trumpeting the network. Trying to pass these off on readers as legit news stories is an affront to their intelligence - they aren't fooling anyone. They are nothing more than ads.

  4. My goodness doesn't Kevin sound bitter. No jobs in journalism for you ... is that the problem?