Friday, 9 September 2011

40th contest

The first public sign that the Toronto Sun is in its 40th year can be viewed in a new contest ad.

With less than two months to Nov. 1, waving a 40th anniversary banner in a contest ad is a start.

With the lack of feedback, we're not expecting any fireworks party for employees, past and present.


  1. Nice to see the Toronto Sun mess up its own anniversary banner in today's paper. What says "we don't care" more than messing up your own logo?

    Maybe I'll be nice and not point out the amateur page layout on the accompanying article promoting the 40th anniversary contest.

  2. Contest winners will still have to partially pay for their prizes. While a travel company has donated the trips, the Sun is too cheap to cover the travel taxes. Maybe the Sun will break the bank and throw in a few t-shirts?