Thursday, 22 September 2011

Cal's new book

North American crime fighters can be grateful Cal Millar, a now-retired former Toronto Sun and Star police reporter, didn't take all of his experience and tuck it in a place where cobwebs grow.

Cal's new book, I'm Missing - Please Find Me, released yesterday, updates 350 unsolved missing persons cases across North America, giving police, Crime Stoppers, relatives and friends new hope of closure.

The 448-page book includes updates of unsolved Ontario cases involving the vanishings of children, including Marianne Schuett, who was 10 when she vanished in April of 1967, and Cameron March, who was four when he vanished in 1975. Both lived in the Burlington area.

While many of the cases have been open for decades, rewards associated with the investigations still total almost $3 million.

"Got word yesterday that one of the cases in the book has been solved, so obviously there is hope for others," Cal tells TSF. 

Book notes at say: "Some of those who vanished were obviously abducted, while others may have made a conscious decision to deliberately leave. It's also likely that some missing individuals were targeted for murder, while some are possibly the victims of human trafficking gangs.

"Families of missing people are left with a void and many unanswered questions and hopefully some of those reading this book will have information that they can provide to law enforcement agencies or Crime Stoppers that will help reunite the missing with their loved ones."  

Cal's first book, Find My Killer, published in 2009, dealt with 250 unsolved North American murder cases and rewards totalling $5.5 million. It helped solve several homicides.

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