Friday, 9 September 2011

We get links

Toronto residents fed up with abandoned 24 Hour box eyesores are threatening extreme makeovers if Sun Media doesn't do the following:  

1)   The removal of all the dirty, disgusting 24 Hour boxes from our streets.

2)   Clean ‘em up! Scrub ‘em down! Hose ‘em off! Polish ‘em up! In short make them presentable again.

If by September 17th, Sun Media does not meet these two very simple requests, "The 24 Hour Guerilla Art Makeover Project” will be launched.

TSF gets the feeling penny-pinching Sun Media will welcome free makeovers. Why spend money to give away free papers?

The makeover site says the "bright orange exteriors are now covered with street grime, graffiti, stickers and posters."

"This is more than a sign that Sun Media who owns these boxes does not care about its image but it is company that has little regard for the communities that they place them in." 

Photos of offending boxes spotted across the city can be viewed here.

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  1. Didn't the Winnipeg Sun get children to work for free and makeover its boxes?